Together we do great things!

We have a fantastic network of supporter’s clubs that raise the funds to ensure the running and activities of the hunt as well as raising money for charity. They  raised over £20,000 for The Midlands Air Ambulance in 2019.

The Worcestershire Hunt Supporters Club committee are enthusiastic fund-raisers and work hard to raise essential money to support the Hunt and for various equipment and projects needed to run the Hunt Kennels.

The WHSC  holds a huge variety of events throughout the year and has merchandise for sale.

Worcestershire Hunt Supporters Club Annual Membership

Foot/Car Followers - £50
This includes full membership of WHSC, compound cap for the season, enamelled lapel badge, meet information and news about hunt and club events.
Mounted Followers - £25
This includes full membership of WHSC, enamelled badge, meet information and news about hunt and club events.
Daily cap - £4 Minimum per adult foot follower.
We respectfully request that if you do not wish to become a subscriber that you contribute at the Meet.

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Hound Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor one of the Worcestershire Hounds?


The cost of sponsoring a hound is £25 for the season.



You receive:

  • A  framed photograph of your hound (if it is the first time you have sponsored this hound)

  • A hound sponsor’s badge

  • A small memento depicting your hound

  • A newsletter

  • An invitation to the ‘Evening at the Kennels.’


Cheques payable to:  Worcestershire Hunt Hound Sponsorship

If you are a new sponsor or would like more information please get in touch.


200 CLUB

Join the Worcestershire Hunt 200 Club for your chance to win some cash and raise money for the hunt.


Top prize of £100 at each pub draw throughout the season and £200 at the summer party if your number is picked out, it's got to be worth a go!

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