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“I enjoy the privilege of following hounds across country in the knowledge that we do so at the invitation of the most amazing group of Farmers and Landowners, a privilege that must never be taken for granted. The future of hunting rests with this wonderful bunch of people and our ability to educate the next generation to deal sensitively with the challenges they will encounter as our countryside evolves.” 


The Worcestershire Hunt Country spans North to South 20 miles, East to West 30 miles. The the hunt country consists of a mixture of pasture, arable and woodland with some more hill country to the west. Adjacent Hunts include the Atherstone, Warwickshire, Croome and West Warwickshire, Clifton-on-Theme, Ludlow, Wheatland, Albrighton and Meynell and South Staffs.

The Worcestershire Hunt is built on a foundation of supportive, loyal hunting farmers and landowners. Our ethos is family and fun – we work hard to play hard. Our friendly hunting community is made up of people from varied walks of life, backgrounds and range of ages. We also have a fantastic network of supporters' clubs that raise the funds ensure the running of the hunt as well as raising money for charity.

Worcestershire Hunt have a mixed pack of dogs and bitches, they are predominantly of Old English breeding and bred purely for work and most recently along with using our own stallion hounds have taken blood lines from the Wynnstay, Belvoir and the Warwickshire hunts.


The Old English hound suits us due to their drive, determination, hardness and deep scenting ability. Worcestershire country is made up of a lot of coverts with many obstacles from wire fences to thick bramble and varied ground conditions due to the mixed farming practices therefore the ability for hounds to cast themselves and be forward thinking is essential.


A tremendous effort is put to the breeding of the hounds which has contributed to many seasons of success. The Worcestershire hound are often noted for their incredible voices and when in full cry is something to behold.




The Worcestershire Hunt run a licensed slaughter and disposal service that is available for the safe disposal of stock for farmers.

Please contact us for more information and charges.

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