A lot of preparation by the Joint Masters goes in to each hunting day by visiting farmers and landowners in the area where the meet is being held. They also keep in touch with local gamekeepers which enables the two sports to work harmoniously.  


The joint-masters will brief trail-layers in advance of the day. Suitable trails can then be laid throughout the course of each hunting day. Trails can be laid by people on foot, on horseback or from a quad. The trails will ensure that our historic pack of hounds and followers can enjoy the country that is so generously opened to the Worcestershire Hunt by its supportive farmers and landowners.

The days follow a similar pattern as they did before the Hunting Act 2004 came into force, designed to replicate traditional quarry hunting where there isn’t a set route or a finishing time so hunting scenes appear much the same as they have done for hundreds of years.


If you would like to follow The Worcestershire Hunt either mounted or on foot you should email;

Please ask for advice about parking, you will usually be directed to a farmyard near to the meet where parking is allowed. Please be considerate when parking and do not block drives and respect mown verges.

 2021-2022 Season

Visiting Caps

Farmers and landowners (non subscribing) £55

Visitors/daily cap £80-£120

Children (ages 16 and under)  £35 until 1 November, £45 thereafter

Junior (ages 17 to 25) £45 until 1 November, £55 thereafter

Pony Club (ages 16 and under wearing tie and badge) £25 until 1 November £35 thereafter

Autumn Hunting £35 until 1 October, £45 thereafter

Please contact the secretary for Subscription details.

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