A lot of preparation by the Joint Masters goes in to each hunting day by visiting farmers and landowners in the area where the meet is being held. They also keep in touch with local gamekeepers which enables the two sports to work harmoniously.  


The joint-masters will brief trail-layers in advance of the day. Suitable trails can then be laid throughout the course of each hunting day. Trails can be laid by people on foot, on horseback or from a quad. The trails will ensure that our historic pack of hounds and followers can enjoy the country that is so generously opened to the Worcestershire Hunt by its supportive farmers and landowners.

The days follow a similar pattern as they did before the Hunting Act 2004 came into force, designed to replicate traditional quarry hunting where there isn’t a set route or a finishing time so hunting scenes appear much the same as they have done for hundreds of years.


If you would like to follow The Worcestershire Hunt either mounted or on foot you should email;

Please ask for advice about parking, you will usually be directed to a farmyard near to the meet where parking is allowed. Please be considerate when parking and do not block drives and respect mown verges.

 2021-2022 Season

Visiting Caps

Farmers and landowners (non subscribing) £55

Visitors/daily cap £80-£120

Children (ages 16 and under)  £35 until 1 November, £45 thereafter

Junior (ages 17 to 25) £45 until 1 November, £55 thereafter

Pony Club (ages 16 and under wearing tie and badge) £25 until 1 November £35 thereafter

Autumn Hunting £35 until 1 October, £45 thereafter

Please contact the secretary for Subscription details.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out where to go, where to park and how much to pay?

Please email We will let you know where we are meeting, the amount (cap) you will be required to pay and the best place to park. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.

What shall I wear and should my horse be plaited?

We try to dress smartly out of respect for the Landowners who let us ride over and enjoy their land. You will be made to feel welcome as long as you are clean and tidy, below is for guidance; During autumn hunting, which extends until the opening meet, you do not need plait. We wear ratcatcher (a tweed jacket) and shirt and tie or coloured stock, pale breeches, clean boots and gaiters/half-chaps or long boots, dark gloves and a dark hat silk. In the open season, horses are plaited. Adults wear black or navy hunting coats with a white or cream stock and children wear tweed and a shirt and tie. You are welcome to wear a body protector or air jacket if you wish. Boots should be black, clean and polished. Spurs are correct though not compulsory. Ladies please wear a hairnet and please take off your jewellery. Wax jackets or dark waterproofs can we worn in bad conditions. Hunting whips are very useful for opening gates and holding them open but are not essential.

My horse hasn't hunted before, will we be ok?

You won't know until you have tried! We recommend you come on a quieter Autumn Hunting morning so please ask when would be suitable. If you know it might kick, put a red ribbon on the tail and stay well out of the way whenever possible, a green ribbon lets people know it is a novice or young horse. If you can come with a friend who has been before that would be helpful, however there are plenty of experienced people around so do not be afraid to ask if you need help. If you do not wish to jump find out who the other nonjumpers are and they will be happy to help you find a way round. Always turn your horses head towards the Hounds. If you hear someone call "Hounds Please" keep well out of the way and move to the side to allow them to pass you. We have a lot of children that enjoy coming out with the Worcestershire Hunt, please be mindful and stay aware of where they are.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Introduce yourself to the Secretary and offer your cap for the day. Please don’t wait for the Secretary to find you.
  • Ask who the master for the day is and say good morning.
  • Never overtake the field master, and always listen carefully to his or her instructions.
  • Always thank traffic that slow down or stops and never block the road.
  • Don’t park in gateways or driveways unless specifically told you can.
  • If you hear the shout “huntsman please!” or “whip please!” move to the side and allow them to pass.
  • Please shut gates if you are the last through unless told otherwise, and if the person in front of you shouts “gate, please!” or any other messages pass it back to the next person.
  • Never ride across the middle of a field of sown corn, even if you see hunt staff doing so.
  • Do ask questions about what is going on. The more you understand about a day’s hunting the more you will enjoy it. The Worcestershire Hunt are a friendly bunch and will be very happy to answer your queries.
  • Please find the field master before you go home and say thank you and good night, which is the traditional way to say goodbye — even at 9am.
  • The Worcestershire Hunt nor any of the farmers or landowners can be held responsible for any accident or injury to horse or rider or anyone else who follows the hunt. Hunting can be dangerous and it is your responsibility to take all reasonable care and caution for the sake of yourself and others in the Field.
  • Please ensure you carry an emergancy contact details card with you, these can be obtained at the meet if you need one.
  • Above all, please be polite and use common sense. We wish to encourage everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day!

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